Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When I Go Super Saiyan, My Hair Turns Purple.

1nce again, I've been on my super-duper grind and I've abandoned this blog. I just remembered it was here because I tweeting on Twitter (yeah, yeah - i do that shit now) and looked to see that my web link directed back to this page.

Well, as usual - I'll try to recap the last few months of my life in a few measly paragraphs. The most major thing would be the rift in my relationship with my girl. I got into a "fight" (for lack of better words) with her moms, and that was that really. Her mom's is still not over it and won't mention my name ever again. Whatevs. I'm moving on with my life.

I produced a beat a for a Pepsi: Refresh commercial and also rhymed on the track with the Urban Word artists who were in the commercial as well. It ran for a nice while. It seems as if that gravy train has arrived at it's last stop though, so I'm onto the next hustle. Been trying to shop my music to people up here, but alot of my new sh*t goes right over their heads - so now my focus is to make it to LA, meet up with Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder gang and let them hear my stuff, personally.

There are days when I walk the streets with a purple afro wig on. Why not. We live in 2010 and people still act like it's fucking 1985. Purple hair is not WEIRD, you just fear what you don't understand. I literally had to hold myself back from fucking up these homo-thugs on the block trying to call ME gay for walking in NYC with a purple wig on. I kept it moving tho, only because I can no longer afford to waste my energy trying to change the mindset of those that don't want to be changed. Either transcend this reality mentally and adapt like the chameleon or dick-ride with the times. Either way, judgment is no one's right. We are all ourselves and should accept who we are by setting unique standards of individualism, rather than attempting to duplicate the style of others.

BTW. Life is GREAT. Couldn't be better.
Sure, I could be in LA right now, in my own crib, touring the nation playing my music for everyone like I've always dreamed of...but I'm alive and happy, right?

To me, that's all that matters.


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ChrisdotRivera said...

a purple wig though? LOL

that's dope ahahaha