Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guess Who's Back

OMG - It's Eminem.

After wondering "where the hell is my favorite rapper of all time" for FAAAAAR too long, it's the edge of 2008 - Kanye is making the most heartfelt (and unfortunately the most misunderstood) album of 2008, but the "WilD-as-F*CK" award will ALWAYS go to Em.

Whether on his most serious of the serious (ie: "Mockingbird") or silly of the silly, (see above video) Em is always going to be the lasting impression of what it is to take perfection and creativity outside of the limits. Dealing with the struggles of being in a game that is becoming less and less of what he got in the game for, this album should be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise smoggy hip-hop year. I hope it's called "King Mathers". That'd be ill.

"Im Having A Relapse" is the first single off the new album, and it's fuckin' retarded. Em is DEFINTELY back on his shit - no matter how many pounds he mighta had, he still sounds like the skinny, psycho Slim Shady we all once adored.

So laugh, and get ready for a good end to a bad year. We gettin' Em, Jay, Kanye & Obama - in my opinion, things can't look any better. Shit - if McCain was in office, this might be all I could look forward to.


And Though It Seems Heaven Sent

...I choose not to finish that one. Instead, I say that Tuesday night will prove all of the critics wrong. All of the naysayers humbled. All of the passerby's gasping for breath. The day is fast approaching. History will be made.

A black president will be here. The RIGHT president.
Obama '08.

Inspiration: REVS

The first REVS joint I ever ran into, was this joint right here. I went to school in SoHo - my first real eye-opener for the city, because I didn't really see much of NYC outside of midtown and uptown.

When you come from Harlem, most of the time Harlem is all you know. When I returned to NYC from TX, I was rushed into an alternative school that my cousin attended (Unity High School) located near Spring St (though I wouldn't learn this until months later). Instead, I would take the A to Canal St and walk about 4 blocks over and just marvel at the amount of graffiti that littered SoHo. This is when I first ran into REVS.

REVS is one of the main reasons I still do graffiti. REVS didn't write for fame or to be respected by other writers, he wrote to DESTROY shit. To let the world know - I'M HERE - I EXISTED - I LIVED. REVS's work was different too - which is why I guess I was so drawn to it. I questioned how these huge, blockbuster rollies (graffiti done by paint rollers) could've even been acomplished - like, who DIDN'T see this man rolling his name on the side of a building? The beauty of it all is that it's something so simple that makes the normal side of a building so abstract.

All I knew of REVS were rollies at first and then as my obsession with graffiti grew, I learned that he was places I didn't even realize. Around me constantly, and I didn't even know. One day, I decided to take the A train back uptown from school, yet this time I decided to go to the front of the car so I could peer into the tunnels. Who's work did I see all over the tunnels? None other then the tunnel king (aside from JA) King REVS.

Analogy: REVS:Graffiti / EMINEM:Rap
Now you get it.

Not only was I surprised to see is rollies underground, but I also was shocked to learn that not only was he using the tunnels as his artistic playground - he was using it as his diary was well. As the train came to a slow speed between 50th and 59th st, I saw a huge white space high over the pillars separating the downtown and uptown side. In that white space were these sloppy scrawls of REVS's past, a little clue to the mystery of who REVS was. Before I could finish reading the first sentence, the train sped off - and I wondered to myself, "How in the hell did he find the time to do that?" To my amazement, I would later learn that before REVS was apprehended by the MTA as well as the NYPD Vandal Squad, he had accomplished painting 225 of the 270 subway tunnels in NYC.

What a feat. REVS is now a retired graffiti artist (something I hope to be soon) who is a full-time wielder and mechanic. He often referrs to his graffiti past as the good 'ole days where he an COST used to run the city. I remember seeing the COST/REVS bills posted thoughout the city, long before I knew what they were. It's THAT reason why he's such an inspiration to me. Graffiti isn't supposed to be something that is an EYESORE. It's supposed to awaken your third-eye so this way you can appreciate all of the little things around you. This city is full of garbage, why not brighten that garbage up a bit with a twist?

Thank you, REVS. Your work has not only changed the lives of graffiti artists, but New Yorkers all over.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Real McMotherf**kin' Talk

OMG - I've just been schooled. It's Face from the Geto Boys ("My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me") kickin' some REAL shit about McCain. Like, I didn't even look at it like that.

This dude is somethin else. This old ass dude voted AGAINST a King Jr. Holiday? Like, do you republicans REALLY care about black folks?

I don't think I know a SINGLE black republican in my 20 mile radius.
I put this on my life.
When Barack Obama wins it - I'm lighting it up SOOOO heavy.
Outside with the blunt in hand, jumping, celebrating. Passin' off. Passin' out.
We IN THERE. Obama '08.

Fuck all yall haters.

Burning Angels

" feels like a burning angel..."

WTF? I think that was when I really started questioning my morality with porn and how deep it was getting. That shit sucks you in. They do some pretty filthy shit, and I think this is by far the filthiest of the filth that I've gotten off to. I don't expect too much respect for this, I just think it's time to start being honest with myself.

What the fuck is the matter with you, Halo?
I don't remember where the lines got blurred and I said to myself "tittie shots and girl on girl action just doesn't do it for me anymore...".

Here's some of the comments on this vid:

JerkFace, added 4 months ago Okay, seriously? Are some of you dudes jerking to this? Because if you are I salute what sick, desensitized fucks you have all become thanks to the magic of the internet! : )

, added 4 weeks ago Now THAT is the the kind of real, genuine, to the core piece of shit whore that I need.

jbuff420, added 3 months ago I LOVE GIA PALOMA. Yes she's on meth in this scene, but what a great little whore!

Man, I don't know what to say. I got off to this, but I didn't know about the meth. I just figured to myself - how could somebody just ultra-degrade themselves like this? I think my brain was warped severely due to Flare's submissive behaviour, but the fact that we kept pushing it is what always made me hunger for something sicker...something nastier...but lately I've been really questioning morally where that's taking me.

I used to go to church when Ree and I first started kicking it and much further into it as well, but I've been slackin hard. I think if I go soul searching, I can shake the porn and the sick shit - but I also know this is a hard demon to tame. LOL - fuck, I sound like Kirk Franklin and shit. Im not like - ADDICTED to porn, I just think I'm FASCINATED by the sick shit. They ran an episode of South Park where Stan's dad Randy was addicted to porn and South Park had ran out of internet. Then when he got internet he looked up Japanese girls vomiting on each other and Brazilian fart-fetish sites - all shit that I have seen before. I felt like, so disgusted in myself then - but then when I said I would just rock with the regular shit, I was right back on the crazy shit.

I dunno, bro...I dunno. I just need to fix this shit, fast. School commin. Until then, I'm playin Max Payne. Heard the movie sucked. Go figure.


Throwback Joint of the Day: 10/29/08

Nothin' like some old school Doom. I have the KMD instrumental EP, and this is one of the illest joints on there ("Peachfuzz" by KMD). For those that don't know, Zev Love X (first rapper in the vid) is better known as the one and only, MF DOOM. Man, how hip-hop has evolved.

Speaking of evolve:
Zev Love X?
X evoL veZ?

Hmm... ;)


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

See? This is the fuckin shit I be talkin about.

Sister says suspect in Obama plot is sorry

Click the link. Go ahead, just click it...and read about how DUMB and IGNORANT some white, middle-class americans are.

Fuckin' little 18 year old pricks trying to be the next Lee Harvey Oswald.
Get it through your head, retards - Hitler's DEAD. He been dead.
Dead as a doornail. So, why the fuck are we still going though this Nazi shit? In AMERICA no less?!

*in retard voice*
"Oh, hummdy dum-dum, let's be NEO-NAZIS, yeah THAT'S cool..hummdeedum..."

Get a fucking life. Better yet, give me your life - and I'm sure I'll find something productive to do with it. Little bastards said they wanted to kill 88 black students and behead 14 of them. WHAT? Are we STILL really taking steps BACKWARDS as a nation?!

PARENTS - WATCH YOUR FUCKING KIDS. I'm pretty sure had the dumb hick fuckers they call parental figures actually been that, this idea wouldn't have even entered their minds. "He 'disliked' black people". HAH! Shit, I 'dislike' dumb ass racist fucks that figure they can take another human's ability to live freely, just because of some stupid 'cause'. Man, I wish I could hang these kids upside down for 88 hours and just let black folks WAIL on them.

Whatever. In a week - Barack Obama will be president, and we will be THAT much closer to becoming a nation of united individuals.

Apparently, we still have ALOT of work to do.

Throwback Joint of the Day: 10/28/08

"Microphone checka, 1-2 checka..."

Man, this shit takes me BAAAACK! ;)