Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Burning Angels

" feels like a burning angel..."

WTF? I think that was when I really started questioning my morality with porn and how deep it was getting. That shit sucks you in. They do some pretty filthy shit, and I think this is by far the filthiest of the filth that I've gotten off to. I don't expect too much respect for this, I just think it's time to start being honest with myself.

What the fuck is the matter with you, Halo?
I don't remember where the lines got blurred and I said to myself "tittie shots and girl on girl action just doesn't do it for me anymore...".

Here's some of the comments on this vid:

JerkFace, added 4 months ago Okay, seriously? Are some of you dudes jerking to this? Because if you are I salute what sick, desensitized fucks you have all become thanks to the magic of the internet! : )

, added 4 weeks ago Now THAT is the the kind of real, genuine, to the core piece of shit whore that I need.

jbuff420, added 3 months ago I LOVE GIA PALOMA. Yes she's on meth in this scene, but what a great little whore!

Man, I don't know what to say. I got off to this, but I didn't know about the meth. I just figured to myself - how could somebody just ultra-degrade themselves like this? I think my brain was warped severely due to Flare's submissive behaviour, but the fact that we kept pushing it is what always made me hunger for something sicker...something nastier...but lately I've been really questioning morally where that's taking me.

I used to go to church when Ree and I first started kicking it and much further into it as well, but I've been slackin hard. I think if I go soul searching, I can shake the porn and the sick shit - but I also know this is a hard demon to tame. LOL - fuck, I sound like Kirk Franklin and shit. Im not like - ADDICTED to porn, I just think I'm FASCINATED by the sick shit. They ran an episode of South Park where Stan's dad Randy was addicted to porn and South Park had ran out of internet. Then when he got internet he looked up Japanese girls vomiting on each other and Brazilian fart-fetish sites - all shit that I have seen before. I felt like, so disgusted in myself then - but then when I said I would just rock with the regular shit, I was right back on the crazy shit.

I dunno, bro...I dunno. I just need to fix this shit, fast. School commin. Until then, I'm playin Max Payne. Heard the movie sucked. Go figure.


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