Monday, June 15, 2009

Get Wild, Wild, Wild!

I dunno...I love Dilla with all my heart, but it's hard to choose sides on this one.

All I can say is that - yes. Better avenues should've been taken on this. Dilla would never produce my LP from the grave, but I believe in being INFLUENCED by him.



If you've known Charles as long (or as short? - no homo) as I have, you just come to expect all of these cosmic, otherworldy, sonic/sun-ra-ish ideas he can come up with. He's a mainiac-brainiac rapper cat who is just assured in the style of living he's created. No one can "bust his pink bubble" so to speak, because there's no pink bubble there. So - I say let him believe that a vinyl element added to his sound is an "influence" from J Dilla. Of course - in all eyes of the law this does not constitute J Dilla inhibiting a 'Executive Producer' slot on CH's album. He knows this - he just wanted to test how far he could let you in his "pink bubble" - BZZZT!!

Charles Hamilton - that sir, is where you messed up.

Humble thine self! I speak through the blog because even as a human being in the flesh on this earth I cannot communicate to you through speech. You are too far gone. Don't allow fear to allude you from being a humble individual! It works!

*sigh* I love Dilla. I won't say I always did, because a large part of my life I didn't know dude. But I knew that sound and loved that sound - and if you're trying to say that by giving him props on your album, cool. Just go about it a better way. Don't trap yourself in a corner with lies, it's NOT a good look.