Tuesday, May 25, 2010

'The End' of LOST (Afterlife Thoughts)

Watched the series finale of LOST on Sunday and was amazed.

Not so much at the finale as a whole (or the series), but at the ending.
Best way to end a series - EVER.

It just made so much sense...and it makes you look at the other side (the afterlife) in a whole different way. Sure, skeptics will hop on the "ohh, they went all Christian and played the died and went to heaven card" boat, but they showed a stained-glass window containing all of these religious symbols, as to say the place they were now had no religion - no class - none of those earthly constraints, conflicts and contradictions matter when it's all over.

The idea that the people in your life will always remain with you even after you are gone was amazing...that was even further extended into something greater by explaining that there was no "then" or "now" in the afterlife. This time-line that we all follow was now irrelevant because we all will die and be united infinitely - no matter what time our death takes place .

People that hadn't even died yet were still able to be there for you because you've always been a part of their lives. They are a part of you just as equally as you are a part of them. People who you loved, fought with, cried and laughed with, and just overall have experienced life with - would be there for you, because they wouldn't be who they are if it wasn't for their experiences with you. To know that a television show could touch upon that and bring that vision into reality was amazing (and therapeutic) to watch.

Of course, the LOST yuppies and fan freaks are all 'up in arms' about it - but I could care less. Why? Probably because I didn't care about the show in the 1st place, but I got the message it had presented at the end. The phrase 'The End' in itself is an open-ended mystery, because who has the power to say when something is truly over? I've been seeing this phrase more and more during these darker times, almost as an early warning to some impending apocalypse or judgment...but I'm not going to get all pessimistic on yall, tho.

Let's just say - this was a nice way to get a glimpse into ourselves and the "real big picture" without getting too Disney on us. They pulled our heartstrings just the way ABC would and did it in a far-less gay fashion then Grey's Anatomy (ugh - cue sappy song montage).

Great job, LOST. Now i just need to watch all the other episodes when I get a week to myself.


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ChrisdotRivera said...

so is that how you think it is is in the ;\'afterlife'?