Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Origin of Lovechild Zelda

It's about 5:51am now and I just woke up to type this.
First off, I'd like to apologize for being such a neglectful parent to this blog. I feel like I have to blow the dust off of this blog every time I make a new post, but when I do it's usually something crucial to the development of the character known as Halo.

This time, I would like to elaborate my "sudden change" on my moniker as well as who I am musically, artistically and spiritually.

Lovechild Zelda was born through my own personal struggle with identity and how I fit within this world that I populate. As the years have gone by, I've gone from asking myself "How will my music flourish in a world that is so blind?" to "How will I survive in an industry that is being taken over by soulless monsters?" and the sobering truth is, my music wasn't meant for this age. Being "ahead of my time" is an understatement in the fullest respect. I now realize that the goals I wished to achieve as DjH2 can be better understood through the guise of Lovechild Zelda.

In an "last-ditch" effort to preserve my position within the world of instrumental art, I've decided to shelve "AerosolHeart" (a DjH2 project) in order for me to fully focus on releasing the all original, all organic material that is Lovechild Zelda. DjH2 has actually returned to doing what he does best - DJing. I am proud to say that I am now a resident DJ at 999 (or NoCo Bar) spinning every Friday and Saturday. My weekly income isn't substantial enough for me to branch out on my own yet, but I'm saving as much as I can for the much anticipated arrival of my daughter. (LOL - yeah that's right...I have a baby girl on the way due to arrive in March 2011. The last post I made here was in May, so I had to catch yall up.)

999 is a great atmosphere and a wonderful place to work, even more-so when the charismatic Mel is bar-tending. The area itself is full of questionable weirdos, but the regulars have great hearts and personalities and it makes DJing there that much more enjoyable. I honestly couldn't ask for a better job. The management is cool and the vibe is always chill because of the diversity of the crowd there...we get a few rumbles here and there, but what could you expect from a place called 999...I play a lot of hip-hop / Top 40 material for the younger crowds and parties, some Salsa for the Latin folk and some Old-School 80's and 90's for the older's usually around 3:30 in the morning when I start getting experimental and playing whatever feels right. I'm damn proud of myself for making the effort every week to push my cart with my computer and monitor in it (working on getting a laptop before the year is out - *crosses fingers for Dell XPS M1730 Intel Core Duo Laptop*) so that I can get paid doing what I love. Making others happy through the power of music.

As far as my music is concerned, I don't really drop any of it at 999. Maybe later into the night when things start mellowing out. Lovechild Zelda would be too much for anyone in that crowd to handle, so I'll leave that to the people who seek that sound. Even as I listen to some of the songs from the LP, I wonder to myself who will truly understand the energy and meaning behind this project. People expecting to hear a classic H2 sample chopped over some syncopated drums will be disappointed. This is a venture into sounds that put the heart at ease and makes the soul jump out of your body. I really am excited about this project because it has such value to me. I can feel the joy, excitement and love I have for my daughter all throughout this music. Lovechild Zelda is the perfect aural embodiment of the person I've blossomed into over the past few months.

Spiritually, I would like to say that I am currently "omni-religious". This is to say I find faith in the ideals, tales and beliefs of various religions. After learning the tale of Heru (aka Horus) as well as viewing the theological essay entitled "Zeitgeist", my views on religion as well as our whole establishment as a nation has been flipped upside down. I believe in the energy of the sun as most of our universe revolves around this every entity, however - I also believe that a being of great power created the sun and it is that very being that we call God. We are all god's of our own destiny and will, however a force greater than we can possibly comprehend moves us and aligns us with certain people, experiences and lessons so that we may grow in the manner that God sees fit for us.

Well, I'll explain more in the future. For on the lookout for Lovechild Zelda...a sound that may change the way you look at music as well as everything in general.

Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

From what I just read I FEEL (more than know) this project will be soul-cosmically incredible...

The anticipation is begun...