Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Really Grinds My Gears.

You know what really grinds my gears, America? ;)

How we kill people to show people that killing people is wrong. Yeah, i know it's not unique - but it still grinds my gears.

Anyone who has more than 3 baby mamas/daddies. Apparently, having the first two kids out of wedlock wasn't enough of a reality check.

Drunk people that are so drunk that they don't know they're drunk, so they accuse you of being drunk. WTF?

These f*cking commercials that like to re-do popular songs like it's cool. I just heard the "slightly-less ethnic" version of The Black Eyed Pea's "I Gotta Feeling" for a Sandals resort commercial and threw up a little.

Kidz-Bop. That is all.

When you walk in a store and you're honestly "just browsing" and a nervous and overly-cautious employee asks you "Excuse me, do you need any help?" Yes, asshole. I need help browsing. What is it - the hoody or the black skin that scares you? Cuz you know, I'm definitely plotting to steal that box of Tide.

DJ's that play a GOOD song for the first minute and a half and then cut right to a BAD one. I've seen bad DJ's make a dance floor clear out faster than a crime scene.

When I'm running late somewhere and I've made it on the train on-time - only for it to be making local stops, stopping at red signals and/or out-of-service due to police investigation or a sick passenger. FML.

People who call me once - I don't pick up - then they call back from a blocked/private number. If I knew it was you when you 1st called, what makes you think I'm going to not know it's you 20 seconds later? *idiot*

People who hint around at something expecting you to get what they're hinting at - and when you don't, they get mad about it. WTF? Stop being a little b*tch and say what you want!!

Panhandlers who try and front like they want money for food when it's CLEARLY for drugs. "Anything will, food, clothes..." Bullsh*t. You know you didn't want that sandwich I gave you half as bad as you want that crack. I know Oscar Mayer didn't make your lips that black.

Those "bathroom butlers" who expect you to tip them for turning on a faucet and handing you a tissue. I'm not giving you a dollar for some shit I learned how to do when I was 5.

People who think "reality" shows are actually reality.
"I feel bad for Ray J! He's really looking for love!"
B*tch, he aint lookin' for love! That nigga's lookin' for RATINGS!

People who get mad at me in real-life for not responding to them on a social network (ie: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter...) Since when did we get so sensitive?

Stop and Frisks. Dead ass. Shit is not cool.

That person who is conveniently always around when you light up, but never lights up. You know who you are - stop your bullsh*t.

People who know they're soooo wrong about something, yet they convince themselves that they're right. Your opinion does not outweigh fact. Fact is, you're an ignoramus.

These ol' heads trying to abolish the word nigger. Nigger, please.

When you ditch the whole "lemmie holla at chu, ma" approach and compliment a lady passing by on the street...and she still acts like a stuck-up b*tch. F*ckouttahere...

People who have OD loud-ass ring notifications for receiving texts . If I hear "I Get Crazy" one more time, I'm gonna go crazy.

Having only a dollar for the dutch, and the man at the deli won't let you slide on the quarter. C'mon, dead ass gonna dead me on the dutch, tho? Wow...

When you're walking behind a girl with her butt-crack showing and all of a sudden she's pulls down the back of her shirt...F*ckouttahere...(same thing goes with a skirt...that shit gets me soooooo annoyed!)

What really grinds YOUR gears? ;)



Michael"PuRpLe7"Johnson said...

When you hear that song you love on the radio and you SWEAR it just started then it goes off

HeroHalo (H2) said...

YES!! Great one. Definitely grinds my gears.