Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hangin' With The Hamiltons


Reporting live from Mr, Hamilton's humble abode here in West Bumbafuck AKA Green Hill Zone, in the kitchen.
Bri and Ree are hooking up the ILLEST Chicken Parm - Charles is upstairs releasing "At Most I'm Just..." for all the world to's been a WONDERFULLY CRAZY last 3 days at this dude's crib...on some real WOODSTOCK shit.

Really dope.

So umm...back to reality. SOON. Until then, me and the REE are here blackin' out...


Tori Cheyenne said...

Upstate is fun!! Sleepless, but fun!! lol

Keyzz said...

No problem man. The first time I heard a song of you it was like 2 years ago or sumthin, you made a remix of Vomit Spit by MF Doom which I heard in your myspace player. It was a good surprise when I saw that you're doing a project with Charles Hamilton !

Keep up the good work, bro !