Monday, April 13, 2009

Royal Reality Checks

First off, what up.
It's been awhile.

I'm going to stop issuing Reality Checks to people who can't cash them. I do that alot, which is why (essentially) I keep my opinions (checks) to myself.

Hmmm! Got alot to catch up on...

Let's my Tax Refund which was complete shite because the WHOLE thing hasn't even come in yet. Fuckin' stimulus. I LOVE how those ritzy white folk get bailed out with the quickness, but it's always a waiting game with the common man.

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted.
Some good came from it, I got Resident Evil 5 for the 360 and TRUUUUUUUUST me, shit is DOPE. I wasn't in the least bit disappointed (storyline had me laughin' - they bit off of everything from Gears to The Matrix) and it helps that my girlfriend LOVES Resident Evil. I installed RE3 on her computer awhile back and she was killin' it! She's not a fan of the 360 controls (blame my earlier Halo days for me being so used to the XBOX control scheme - believe me, it was weird for me too at first), so that and getting a game she actually would become immersed in was always an ordeal. With RE5 tho, she does everything herself and all I do is watch and occasionally help. It always makes me smile and feel like I've met my companion when we share a connection doing something we BOTH enjoy.

Yeah, son.
So yeah, I got that, another memory card and the new GOW2 maps.
See - this is what makes people HATE Xbox/Microsoft.
Not even the fact that it's probably the least popular of the "Big Three" (PS3/Wii/360), but because you have to pay for EVERYTHING. Add-Ons? Gotta pay for 'em. Full internet capability? You payin' for dat.
I frickin bought Resident Evil 5 one day, bought a Microsoft 1600 points card for $20, purchased the new GOW2 maps and wasted ALL my points, then the very NEXT day they issue a Versus Add-On for RE5 for 400 points. WHAAAAT?! I was FURIOUS. I woulda bought that Versus add-on if it had came out sooner instead of those dumbass maps that half of the time i can't play because my GOW2 disc is all of a sudden "unreadable"...Uggggh.

Altogether, that ran me about $100 roughly. Out of $300? Hah. That was my little treat to myself, because I knew I couldn't spread that money. $300 is about the amount I wanted to spend on getting my CD duplicated (AerosolHeart), so once that went belly-up I just decided to have fun with it. We saw my dude Q and his Girl (and his little daughter! que lindo! she is sooooooo adorable...little tiny thing full of life and wonder...) and winded up blowing money on 42nd street at Applebees (one place I NEVER will feel obligated to go to again...X THAT...the whole Forty Deuce strip can kiss my ass, because shit is WAAAAAAY too X-Spensive down in them parts of town...) then we got the crazy idea to go downtown and look for tattoos and piercings, so we headed to the village and my girlfriend got a nice "snakebite" by her lip.

I wanted a tattoo of the GOW symbol (a gear), but the dude first wanted to charge me $85 for it, then when he sketched it out - it was too small and I told him i wanted it to cover my whole bicep, he raised the price to $120. My girl felt some sort of way (which in turn made me overthink the situation, which was good because I was going off of drunken instinct) and it wasn't THAT hot of a sketch, so I decided against it. Good thing I did, because now I remember that I wanted the Gears symbol with the wings on the side.

So, between cabbin it, coppin trees, gettin hammered on drinks and feeding myself - the rest of the money kinda just evaporated.

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