Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Science of A Black Man's Suicide

So, today I'm checking HipHopDX as usual (thanks Brian), and I stumble upon a headline in relation to "King Tut" of the 730 Dips.

Really don't know who he is like that (these Dipset niggas have like 20 different branches of nigga legislature...Purple City Byrdgang, Skull Gang, 730 Dips...etc.) but It shocked me to read that he had recently commited suicide.

First thought. Damn. Another black man lost? To himself? FUCK...

I read the article further and made a decent post that I'll share with ya:

**from HipHopDX**

730 Dips Affiliate Commits Suicide In Police Standoff
March 18th, 2009 | Author: Allen Jacobs

Darnell "King Tut" Brittingham's battle with the law ended yesterday, after a troubled 2009. Last month, the 730 Dips affiliate was arrested on February 12 for drug charges, as well as connected to another felony stabbing crime one day later.

Yesterday (March 17), in North Elsmford, New York, Brittingham shot himself in a taxi cab, as police patrol cars began to surround the wanted suspect. Hackensack police, the New Jersey department where Brittingham had outstanding warrants, is assisting in the case, says New Jersey's Courier Post Online.

Per reports, the rapper and perceived Freekey Zekey [click to read] affiliate was leaving a motel with a female companion in the taxi. As police approached and demanded the driver and two fares leave the vehicle, Brittingham stayed behind, firing a semi-automatic hand gun once. He was dead when police entered the cab.

As late as last night, police were waiting to confirm the deceased. As the suspect at the time of incident, reports are strongly suggesting that it is indeed Brittingham.

No members of 730 Dips have yet to comment on the situation.


I read further down to see a comment made by a Dyce Lo:

R.I.P. to any and all of my brothers and sisters. THIS IS definatly sad. yet i must say as a 20 year old blackman. who has been in and out the system since 11. yes 11 years old. i can understand dude going out how he did. jail/prison. thats a coffin where u are awake. and for a convicted felon wit a new beat. plus you affiliated wit a rapper. its curtains.

please remember suicide is the highest in the black community out of all races.

and he is not the first[nor last artist] to commit suicide. any one feeling suicidal; please talk to someone first. someone who cares.

artists who died from sucide;


Now I respect dude's post. Yes, it started out well...he just made a few "errors". While correcting him, I made a very insightful post:

@ Dyce Lo:

Aiight, aiight. Before I even get in on this subject, lemmie make a quick correction. ODB did NOT commit suicide - he swallowed a deadly amount of crack/cocaine in efforts to escape more jail time, but it winded up killing him.

Umm...SUICIDE? No. SUICIDE is the act of one willingly taking their own lives. Not accidental overdose. PIMP C? Another overdose case. Why would PIMP C want to end his life when it was going so well? Wouldn't he have just killed himself in JAIL? *ahem*


Now back to this "King Tut" character.

Depression is a real disease, a SILENT killer at that. When that cloud is hanging over you, suicide can seem like the only option. For anyone considering that option, I will say first hand that it isn't even worth the thought. I tried it and failed and I couldn't be more happy that I'm alive today to type this. Things DO get better.

I don't know what was going on in dude's life, nor do I care really. He had a few run-in's with the law, but at the end of the day - the society we live in is dog-eat-dog and is set-up for the downfall of most citizens, especially minorities.

If you come up in the hood in NY, "you either sling crack-rock or u got a wicked jump-shot". Biggie was NOT far off. You cannot perpetuate the stereotype by doing the same dumb shit everyone around you is doing.

It's hard to avoid the temptation. You watch the hustlers get rich, every other nigg-- is trying to be the next 50, Cam or whatever, and the real goals of actually making something of yourself are masked by the ideals of an easy come-up. Doin the "right" thing seems like 10x more effort than doing the wrong thing.

Now the last time I read something on here about this "King Tut" dude, he was going down off of traffikin bud. Okay, that's dumb - yes. Not dumb enough to end your own life, though.

I'm sure if he had someone in his corner telling him to actually make something of himself instead of hanging around with all of these fuck-heads (who probably won't even front the $$$ to pay for a decent burial), he probably would be alive today.

Sad fucking story...I hope Cam has the nuts to say something in his favor.

I don't know why, but right now Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones" is playing in my head as I write this...

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