Thursday, November 6, 2008

Told Yall!!

Told yall Obama-hatin', McCain praisin', Sarah Palin ass kissin' mo'fuckas that we was gunna TAKE this shit, and TAKE IT we did!

Not only are the republicans pissed off that they lost, they're pissed because they lost by a LANDSLIDE!

A LANDSLIDE ladies and gentlemen.

That means more than HALF of the country voted this man in - that means that America is TRULY ready to take a step in the right direction.

I was nervous the whole night watching them tally the states. Then I saw that Obama had 195 electoral votes to John McCain's 90. I told myself - it's okay - alot of important states havent been counted yet. I took a break, smoked an L, came back and the numbers had only shifted a little. Obama 207, McCain 135. I was nervous then - damn, McCain is gobbling up these southern states...shit...will this be the determining factor? Obama winning Ohio gave me more hope (Ohio was the breaking point for the last election) so I just watched anxiously.

Then it happened.

ABC came back from a commercial break. Charlie Gibson had said that the polls were now closing in California. 10 seconds. 9.8...
..."Okay, we are now ready to predict that Senator Obama has won California."

Then, the image of Barack Obama with the words "President-Elect Barack Obama" showed up on the screen. I was confused, because they didn't do this with the other states.

Charlie Gibson's words froze me.
"We are now ready to say that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America."

I couldn't believe it. It couldn't be true.
I needed to see numbers.
I switched the channel to CNN to make sure what I had heard wasn't false...
...and indeed, they too had displayed on their ticker:
"Barack Obama Wins Presidency"
and to the side of that said, McCain - 150, Obama 298.
He needed 270 to win.

At that moment, my soul jumped so high - but my feet never left the ground. I yelled SOOOOOO loud, and was joined by people were feeling how i felt all over my neighborhood. I opened my window, and people were screaming. Running through the streets - yelling at the top of thier lungs.
Cars were in mass rally, honking ever so loudly and rapidly.
The magic was real and you could feel in the air.
We had finally taken the step as a country to break down these barriers so that our children could have a better future.
All around the globe, the world cheered simultanously...and in that moment, I knew that we all wanted the same thing: a brighter future with no boundaries and no discrimation aganist anyone. A beautiful world where a white family and a black family can stand on stage together and hug each other as if they were all the same people. Human beings. No matter your race or creed, we can look towards our future with common goals and ideas.

Now, I'm not celebrating TOTALLY yet. We still have alot of work to do as a country and considering the mess George W. Bush Jr. left behind, it's not going to be easy. However, we look towards these challenges a bit more earnestly knowing and believing we have the right commander-in-chief in office.

My last words are this:
We've just watched history being made. Being alive for 23 years, I haven't got to experience anything like I have last night. An UNDESCRIBABLE feeling overcame me last night. The only time I had felt this connection with my country were after the horrible events of 9/11. Last night just reafirrmed how much I care for this country and how sometimes it may seem like the odds are against you, yet righteousness still will prevail.

McCain tried his best. He did. No lie. Even Sarah Palin.
Now they both get to fuckin' dissapear! Hahahaha!

Nah, I wont be a bastard about it. However, that concession speech McCain tried to throw on was HORRIBLE.
"I understand that this is an important victory for African-Americans"
Whaaat? Nigga, this is an important victory for the whole COUNTRY!
The whole WORLD!

So, I'll wrap-up my ranting and say this: All you racist, country-bumpkin, anti-abortion, same-sex marriage hatin', ignorant ass americans who REALLY thought that this historical event would NOT take place...i got two words for ya...

SUCK IT! (Ummm - i mean) TOLD YA!!



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