Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fuck! My old Blog is GONE!

Man, this is gay.

The fudge-packers over @ Journalspace.com (a old school blogger site I used to drop science on around 2002-2004) just like, DELETED mad blogs in attempt to make space (i guess) and guess who's blog was on the chopping block?

That SUCKS. I rarely read it now, but I always thought it'd be some sort of time capsule for me. Hmm...does that mean that this one has an expiration date on it as well? Fuck...

Man, this DangerDoom song has been stuck in my head the whole weekend! I barely give ANY producer props (Madlib & J Dilla excluded), but Danger Mouse BLACKED on this beat. It's in my playlist on the right side of my blog..."Social Distortion" is the name of it.

Sheree and I are back on our youth shit. LOL - like in a very funny, cool and relaxed kinda way. She has this cool new "scene" haircut that makes her look like the crazy EmoSoul chick I've always yearned for. Valentine's Day was nice - I'll blog about that in a few.

We got to chill @ Isaac's (LOL - well Isaac and The Gang's) crib, and I was VERY thrilled and relieved to see Ingrid & Sheree getting along so well. Without the tension in the air, I feel alot less guilty going over there without her.

Ree copped the FADER mag with Charles (Charles Hamilton) on the cover - they got this dude SHININ'!! I'm ULTRA proud to be in the company of such creative excellence, and I'm REALLY glad that dude reaches out still! We chat on the phone like he still lives in harlem, and is a block away with a bag of the trees. I applaud ANYONE who breaks in the industry, yet still makes time for the people who care.

Anywhoo - bout to cop the Dutch to engage in the daily habit. I mean - SERIOUSLY. I've realized that since I've lost my job, there has probably been a WEEK (in total) in which I haven't smoked weed. 7 days. That's fuckin sad...but you know...at least it's not Heroin. I was watchin Oprah while in line to pay the phone bill (oddly crowded today, BTW) and apparently Ohio has a REAL bad Heroin problem...GOOD.


People need to get it through their naive and fucked-up racist heads that this shit does NOT just happen to ghettos and black communities. This drug epidemic is fucking up the most rural and surburban communities in America. Meth, Heroin, Oxy, Pills...that's that WHITE people shit. Never would you EVER see H with some H in his arm...

...Roll that blunt, tho. ;)



Anonymous said...

do you play halo 3 or have xbox live by any chance? If so, what's your gamertag?

herohalo said...

Gamertag is GoonieHalo & I play mostly Gears of War 2. Sometimes I play some Street Fighter 4 or sum UNO.